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Ghana Plans Visa-Free Access, With Exceptions

Ghana Plans Visa-Free Access, With Exceptions

ACCRA – Ghana is poised to implement a policy allowing visa-free entry for all Africans visiting the country by the close of 2024. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo made this announcement on Thursday, aligning the move with the objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The AfCFTA aims to establish a seamless single market across the continent, fostering economic growth, job creation, and poverty eradication.

President Akufo-Addo, addressing the 2024 Africa Prosperity Dialogue in Ghana’s Eastern Region, emphasized the significance of such policies continent-wide. Promoting the free movement of people, goods, and services is crucial for realizing the benefits of enhanced trade and achieving the goal of economic transformation in Africa.

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It is noteworthy that this development opens the possibility for travelers to explore the entire African continent, as countries swiftly embrace visa-free access. Last year, Zimbabwe and Botswana took a significant step by waiving visa requirements for each other, promoting unity within the region.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson stressed the importance of African nations freely traversing borders, stating, “We should be able to walk into Botswana, walk into Zambia, walk into Kenya. Why should we restrict ourselves?” Recognizing constraints rooted in colonial legacies, both presidents committed to instructing relevant departments to ease movement constraints between their countries.

This move mirrors a global trend of easing visa restrictions. Countries such as Thailand, China, and Iran have witnessed increased openness toward other citizens. In 2023, Rwanda declared visa-free entry for all African nationals, and Kenya followed suit by waiving visa requirements for everyone.

Furthermore, numerous African nations, including Botswana and Namibia, South Africa and Ghana, and Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, have entered reciprocal visa waiver agreements. These agreements aim to facilitate tourism and, consequently, stimulate economic growth by encouraging cross-border travel.

Ghana’s decision aligns with broader efforts across the continent to foster unity, economic integration, and cultural exchange. By promoting visa-free entry, Ghana joins a growing list of African nations embracing a more open and interconnected approach to facilitate continental travel and collaboration.