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Gerry’s International Allegedly Issues Fake Covid-19 Certificate

Gerry's International Allegedly Issues Fake Covid-19 Certificate

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched an investigation against Gerry’s International Islamabad over allegations of issuing counterfeit COVID-19 certificates to numerous passengers during the pandemic.

Following complaints from foreign passengers and their families, the FIA’s Anti-Corruption Circle initiated the inquiry, accusing Gerry’s of causing significant financial losses to individuals who relied on the fake COVID-19 certificates.

In a notice addressed to Gerry’s International Islamabad’s management, the FIA has requested an explanation regarding the authority it possesses, details about the labs used for certificate issuance, the individuals responsible for issuing and possessing the certificates, the total number of certificates issued, registration status under the Ministry of Health, and an inspection report of the labs.

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Afzal Niazi, the head of the FIA investigation team, revealed to a local media outlet that they have gathered evidence revealing a scam involving the issuance of hundreds of unauthorized certificates.

Niazi emphasized that they are meticulously investigating the situation, indicating a significant scam involving the creation of fake and unauthorized documents for business purposes.

The FIA’s notice to Gerry’s International Islamabad’s country manager, Muhammad Nasir, requires his appearance before the inquiry officer Zahid Bhatti. He is instructed to bring attested copies of the necessary information for a statement recording scheduled for 14-12-2023 at 10:00 AM.