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Five Pakistanis Executed In Saudi Arabia For Murder

Five Pakistanis Executed In Saudi Arabia For Murder

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, five Pakistanis have been executed for their involvement in the killing of a watchman during an armed robbery, according to a statement released by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

The incident involved a group of Pakistani nationals who committed a robbery in a private company, resulting in the fatal shooting of Anis Mian, a watchman of Bangladeshi origin. The executed individuals are identified as Arshad Ali Deebar, Mohammad Ismail, Abdul Majeed, Haji Nooruddin, and Abdul Ghaffar Mohammad Soma. They were convicted of murder, a crime punishable by death in the Saudi Kingdom.

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The execution was carried out after receiving approval from the Saudi Royal House following the issuance of the final death sentence for the five individuals. The execution took place on Tuesday.

This marks the third mass execution in Saudi Arabia in the year 2024. In the Kingdom, foreign detainees often face severe punishments for various crimes. Death sentences can be imposed for offenses such as murder, drug trafficking, and terror-related activities.