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First Down Syndrome Girl Memorizes Quran

First Down Syndrome Girl Memorizes Quran

Pictures of Rawwan al-Duwaik, a Jordanian girl, have recently circulated on social media. She has garnered attention as the first individual with Down syndrome to memorize the Holy Quran, shocking the world.

In an interview with the Turkish news agency Anatolia, Rawwan’s mother, Awatef Jaber, expressed her immense pride in her daughter’s achievement. Rawwan, despite her condition, considers the Quran as her life.

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Jaber sees Rawwan as a divine gift, bringing her great pride and honor. From a young age, Rawwan displayed remarkable intelligence, quickly memorizing short surahs taught by her mother. She excelled academically, attending school from the age of six and progressing up to the seventh grade.

Although Rawwan faced challenges with pronunciation due to her condition, her mother recounts how she learned through auditory methods. Rawwan’s interest in learning the Quran led her mother to take her to a learning center, where Rawwan surprised everyone by memorizing the first part of Surah Al-Baqarah while her mother was memorizing another portion.

Despite her initial success, Rawwan eventually chose to discontinue formal schooling. However, her dedication to memorizing the Quran remains unwavering, showcasing her remarkable determination and devotion to her faith.