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FBR Seizes Untaxed Cigarettes Valued At Rs. 140 Million

FBR Seizes Untaxed Cigarettes Valued At Rs. 140 Million

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has conducted a two-day campaign, resulting in the confiscation of non-duty paid/counterfeit cigarettes valued at over Rs. 140 million. The operation was carried out by the Inland Revenue Enforcement Network (IREN) teams in Peshawar, Multan, and Sialkot on February 14-15.

During the campaign, the teams seized more than 679,000 packets (15,580,000 sticks) of non-duty paid/counterfeit cigarettes from various local and foreign brands, including Business Royal, H&P, Platinum, Milano, and Olympic. The estimated value of the confiscated goods is reported to be over Rs. 140 million.

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In response to the illicit activity, criminal proceedings have been initiated against the manufacturers and transporters involved. Member (IR-Operations) Mir Badshah Khan Wazir has directed the enforcement efforts to curb the production and distribution of non-duty paid or counterfeit cigarettes.

The FBR’s action is part of ongoing efforts to combat tax evasion and ensure compliance with duty payments. Such campaigns are crucial for protecting the legal and economic interests of the country and discouraging the trade of illegal and untaxed products in the market.