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Faryal Mehmood Opens Up About Marriage Struggles and Divorce

Faryal Mehmood Opens Up About Marriage Struggles and Divorce

Model and actor Faryal Mehmood has shared insights into the difficulties she encountered in her marriage, characterizing it as mentally abusive.

Her previous marriage to actor Daniyal Raheel, despite its simple beginnings, was short-lived and eventually led to their separation.

The breakdown of their relationship was marked by mutual mental abuse, with both Faryal and her ex-husband contributing to the strain that eventually resulted in their breakup. The toll of mental anguish played a significant role in the dissolution of their marriage.

Following a hiatus from the industry, Faryal Mehmood is making a triumphant return, particularly after her success in Raqeeb Se. During her break, she faced challenges in finding scripts that resonated with her, leading her to explore personal growth through travel.

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Simultaneously, she went through a divorce, adding to her emotional turmoil and prompting her to step back from the chaos.

Faryal recently shared her experiences on the FHM podcast, shedding light on the topic of divorce and its enduring taboo in our society.

They branded us a divorced couple: Faryal Mehmood - Daily Times

Her candid reflections underscore the challenges individuals encounter while navigating the complexities of marriage and the societal perceptions often associated with divorce.

Addressing the prevalent issue of the stigmatization of women in our society as divorcees, Faryal highlighted the harsh reality that some women face, including extreme sentiments from their parents, such as expressing a preference for their daughter to die rather than return home divorced.

She emphasized that parents holding such views are fundamentally mistaken, emphasizing their responsibility for the well-being of the children they brought into this world.

Faryal underscored the importance of understanding and support during challenging times.

Furthermore, she asserted that divorce should not be perceived as the end of the world; instead, it can mark the beginning of a new chapter and a fresh start for the individual. Faryal encouraged a shift in societal perspectives towards divorce, advocating for empathy and a more compassionate understanding of the complexities individuals face in their personal lives.