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EU Foreign Policy Chief Labels Gaza Open-Air Graveyard

EU Foreign Policy Chief Labels Gaza Open-Air Graveyard

As the Israeli crackdown on Palestinians persists unabated, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces dwindling international support due to his aggressive policies.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has joined the chorus of criticism against Israel’s actions, condemning the Israeli military’s role in transforming Gaza into what he describes as the world’s largest “open-air graveyard.” Addressing EU ministers in Brussels, Borrell emphasized how Gaza, once likened to an open-air prison, has now tragically become a vast burial ground, symbolizing the erosion of fundamental humanitarian principles.

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Meanwhile, a UN-backed report warns of an impending famine in northern Gaza within the next two months, following over five months of conflict that has left thousands dead and severely disrupted supply chains. The report, issued by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), highlights the dire situation facing 1.1 million people at risk of “catastrophic hunger,” constituting half of Gaza’s population.

Amid mounting global pressure on Israel to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid, the IPC predicts that famine will become evident between mid-March and May 2024 in the North Gaza and Gaza Governorates.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, Israeli forces have killed over 31,726 Palestinians during the protracted conflict, with a recent surge resulting in at least 81 fatalities within 24 hours. Additionally, more than 73,792 people have been injured in Gaza since October 7.