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Employers In Sargodha Beat Child Maid To Death

Employers In Sargodha Beat Child Maid To Death

In a distressing continuation of tragic incidents involving child labor in Pakistan, a 12-year-old girl named Ayesha was subjected to fatal torture by her employers in the vicinity of Sargodha. Employed at the residence of the feudal figure Jawad Bhatti in Village 84 South, a suburb of Sargodha, Ayesha’s life was cut short through the brutal actions of her heartless employers.

The callous employer presented Ayesha’s lifeless body, bearing evident signs of torture. Law enforcement revealed that Bhatti and his wife were allegedly responsible for assaulting the minor girl, employing iron rods in the vicious act.

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Bhatti, in a shocking revelation, notified Ayesha’s family members about her demise, falsely claiming that the girl had met with an accident resulting in injuries. Subsequently, the victim’s family, upon investigation, discovered that the girl had been subjected to torture and fatally harmed. The employer, described as an influential individual, and his wife were reported to be on the run, evading legal repercussions.

Following the incident, a case has been filed against the suspect, Jawad Bhatti, and his wife at Laksian Police Station, based on the complaint lodged by the victim’s father. Law enforcement is actively conducting raids to apprehend the suspects.

Expressing concern over the tragedy, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has taken notice of the incident and directed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and other relevant officials to provide a detailed report. The Chief Minister emphasized the urgency of a thorough investigation into the matter and called for the swift delivery of justice against the perpetrator.

This tragic occurrence underscores the perilous conditions faced by child domestic workers, who are highly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, including physical and sexual violence. Additionally, they are often at risk of trafficking, lured by false promises of work, which results in their deprivation of basic education as they forego schooling for labor.