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Pakistan Election 2024

ECP Modifies Election Timetable for allocated seats

ECP Modifies Election Timetable for allocated seats

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made adjustments to the timetable for various phases of the election process concerning reserved seats for women and non-Muslims in the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies.

Under the revised schedule, the final date for the scrutiny of nomination papers is set for January 13, with the deadline for filing appeals against decisions made by returning officers extended to January 16.

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The updated list of candidates will be published on January 20. Subsequently, candidates will have the opportunity to withdraw their papers until January 22. The final and official list of candidates participating in the elections will be disclosed on January 23.

This modification in the election schedule comes against the backdrop of significant political and economic challenges in the country. Pakistan is gearing up for nationwide general elections scheduled for February 8, 2024. The adjustments made by the ECP are aimed at ensuring a smooth and organized electoral process for the selection of representatives on reserved seats, contributing to the democratic functioning of the political system.