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Earthquake Tremors Reported In KP, Azad Kashmir

Earthquake Tremors Reported In KP, Azad Kashmir

In the early hours of Saturday, parts of Pakistan experienced a powerful earthquake, as reported by the National Center for Seismology (NCS). The tremors occurred at 12:57 am, with the earthquake’s depth recorded at 190 kilometers. The affected areas included regions in the northwestern part of the country, such as Swat, Dir, and Neelum Valley.

Local residents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Azad Kashmir took precautionary measures by coming out of their houses and seeking safety outdoors. While the earthquake did induce concerns among the residents, there have been no reported casualties or significant damage to infrastructure.

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The earthquake’s depth, measured at 190 kilometers, could have contributed to the reduced impact on the surface, preventing more severe consequences. Despite the seismic activity, the region appears to have escaped major disruptions, and there is no immediate indication of significant harm to the affected areas.

It is crucial for authorities to monitor the situation closely, assess any potential aftershocks, and ensure the safety of residents. Earthquakes, especially in seismic-prone regions, necessitate a prompt and coordinated response to mitigate any potential risks and address the needs of the affected population. Public awareness campaigns on earthquake preparedness and safety measures can contribute to minimizing the impact of such natural events in the future.