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Details Of Rs200 Prize Bond Draw

Details Of Rs200 Prize Bond Draw

The National Prize Bonds offer interest-free investment opportunities, with the chance for holders to win significant prize money through regular draws conducted by the National Savings, overseen by the State Bank of Pakistan. Prize Bonds’ Rules 1999 and Prize Bond Refund Rules 1963 stipulate that prize money must be claimed within six years from the draw date.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals purchase these prize bonds in hopes of winning prizes in the quarterly draws. Currently, many are eagerly awaiting the upcoming draw for the Rs200 prize bond scheduled for tomorrow in Muzaffarabad.

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The balloting for the Rs200 prize bond draw is set to take place on March 15, 2024, in Muzaffarabad. Following the draw, the results will be promptly uploaded by the central bank for public access.

Rs200 Prize Bond Number of prices Amount
First Prize 01 Rs750,000
Second Prize 05 Rs250,000
Third rize 2350 RS 1,500