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Dekhte Jao Kamate Jao Iss Baar HBL PSL 2024 Pe Bhi

Dekhte Jao Kamate Jao Iss Baar HBL PSL 2024 Pe Bhi

In a groundbreaking development, myco, the renowned global blockchain video streaming platform, has secured the digital streaming rights for HBL PSL Season 9 & 10, revolutionizing the cricket-watching experience. Brace yourself for a cricket extravaganza in high definition, coupled with a unique “Watch & Earn” model that promises to transform fans into cricket tycoons. Collaborating seamlessly with Simpaisa, this partnership ensures that the excitement of the game is not just limited to the field but extends into the financial realm.

Simpaisa, the designated payment partner for myco, adds another layer of convenience to the “Watch & Earn” system. Users can effortlessly withdraw their earnings and transfer them directly to over 35 bank accounts and various prominent digital wallets in Pakistan. This integration enhances the overall rewarding experience, making it smooth and user-friendly.

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The impact of myco on the global cricket streaming landscape has been profound. The platform gained significant traction during the ICC World Cup 2023, emerging as the preferred choice for cricket enthusiasts. Topping charts on both app stores and play stores, myco distributed over 20 million PKR worth of advertising revenue to a staggering 250,000 highly engaged viewers. The commitment to streaming various cricket leagues in Pakistan and globally, including ILT20, SAT20, and SPL, showcases myco’s dedication to delivering premium sports content. The platform has an impressive history of collaborations, having partnered with esteemed organizations such as PCB, English Premier League, and the Emirates Cricket Board, as well as major squash, tennis, and racing festivals worldwide.

Despite its global presence, myco remains rooted in its commitment to the local audience. Operating in 204 countries with a user base exceeding 6.5 million registered users, myco offers a vast library with over 500,000 content items. This includes documentaries, films, diverse creator and influencer partnerships, and live sports. The platform’s Co-Founder & COO, Somair Rizvi, conveyed his excitement, emphasizing the commitment to bringing top-notch sporting events and content libraries to Pakistani viewers. He highlighted the platform’s dedication to providing quality entertainment while empowering viewers financially and creatively.

It is noteworthy that myco, though operating globally, is driven by passionate Pakistanis aiming to leverage their success for the benefit of local viewers and creators. In the face of economic challenges, myco aspires to be a positive force in the country’s tech and economic landscape. The platform aims to create opportunities and contribute to Pakistan’s development by attracting investments into the country.

In conclusion, myco’s acquisition of digital streaming rights for HBL PSL Season 9 & 10 marks a significant milestone in the world of cricket streaming. The “Watch & Earn” model, coupled with the Simpaisa partnership, adds a unique dimension to the user experience. With a global reach and a commitment to local impact, myco stands as a force driving innovation and economic development in the realm of sports and entertainment.