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COVID-19 resurgence: 33 tests are positive across Pakistan

COVID-19 resurgence 33 tests are positive across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As a new coronavirus outbreak sweeps the nation, at least 33 persons have tested positive with COVID-19. Over the past 24 hours, 3,942 tests at least were conducted around the nation.

Even though no fatalities were reported during that time, 19 people had serious illnesses. The COVID-19 positivity rate has marginally risen to 0.83%, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad, according to an NIH official who also added that everything was under control.

Giving the breakdown of Covid 19 cases in the country, the official maintained that the highest positivity rate (2.67% ) was recorded in Karachi as six cases were detected in 225 tests. The most populous city was followed by Quetta (2.47%), two cases in 81 tests, Multan (2.38%), two cases in 84 tests, Peshawar (1.62%), seven cases in 433 cases and Lahore (0.74%), six cases in 811.