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Conor McGregor To Make UFC Comeback After 2.5 Years

Conor McGregor To Make UFC Comeback After 2.5 Years

Conor McGregor is poised for a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC 300) after an absence of two and a half years. The Irish mixed martial artist, who hasn’t stepped into the octagon since his defeat against Dustin Poirier in 2021 at UFC 264, is gearing up for a comeback.

The upcoming installment of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge promises a new chapter in McGregor’s career, featuring a highly anticipated showdown with Michael Chandler. McGregor is primed to re-enter the ring when this bout materializes.

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In April 2023, McGregor tantalized his fans by announcing his return to UFC 300 in June, with the fight scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Daniel Cormier, a renowned MMA commentator, disclosed that the weight categories for UFC 300 would undergo a revamp, introducing the 165 lbs. category. This development sets the stage for McGregor to vie for UFC gold against Michael Chandler in the inaugural match of UFC 300.

Commenting on McGregor’s return on his YouTube channel, Daniel Cormier emphasized the significance of introducing a new weight class, stating, “You are introducing a new weight class, it has to mean something. You can’t have two normal fighters introducing the weight.”

At 35 years old, McGregor stands on the brink of making history by potentially securing a championship in the inaugural 165 lbs weight category. No one has achieved the feat of winning titles in three different weight classes. McGregor has the opportunity to become the undisputed champion of the UFC lightweight title, UFC featherweight title, and the newly established 165lbs title by UFC, provided he competes in that weight class and stages a successful return to the ring.

Known by the moniker ‘Notorious,’ the UFC Champion boasts an impressive record of 22 victories in 28 fights, with 19 of them being knockout victories. Notable among his triumphs are a 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo and preventing Eddie Alvarez, who was in peak form, from clinching the UFC lightweight title in November 2016.