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Confidential data of citizens on sale for Rs350m

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has requested arguments in relation to a petition that claims 1.5 million Pakistani residents’ private information was sold. The petitioner, Tariq Mansoor’s advocate alleged that the sale of confidential data is going on.
This information was posted on the ‘dark web. The price of the data is Rs 35 million.

“The information of mobile users’ addresses, phone numbers, and other data is included in the data,”

The attorney noted that the incident involving the theft of data had previously occurred four times in Pakistan. The court requested arguments regarding the application’s admissibility.
This is a matter of public interest, the court said. How can a case be brought against you? According to Tariq Mansoor’s counsel, this case has been ongoing since 2018. The court adjourned the hearing for six weeks.