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Pakistan Sindh

Collapse of the water supply system

Collapse of the water supply system

Dhabeji pipeline bursts, supply also disrupted from Hub Dam, Gharo, Pipri

KARACHI: The nationwide severe power outage has caused the city’s water delivery system to be affected.

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) has urged the populace to use water prudently as it could take two to three days to restore the regular supply due to a potential deficit of 84 million gallons per day (MGD).

According to them, the power failure caused the supply from pumping stations such Dhabeji, Hub Dam, Gharo, NEK, and Pipri to stop.

The 48-inch pipes ruptured because to pressure that built up in the pipeline from the Dhabeji pumping station, and it may take 48 hours to restore the damage.

The city receives over 44MGD of water from the Dhabeji pumping station.

The Hub Dam pumping station, which provides the city with 10MGD of water, also collapsed as a result of a power outage.

The water supply from the NEK, Pipri pumping station was also suspended due to the power loss, and more than 30MGD of water could not be given to the city until late at night, depriving various places of the blessing of water.