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ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that’s taking the world by storm

ChatGPT is a dialogue-based chatbot that understands human language and can generate very human-like texts. The most recent iteration of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) is quickly gaining popularity and is thought to be humans’ replacement. In less than a week after its launch on November 30, ChatGPT had more than a million users.

Elon Musk and Silicon Vally built the OpenAI foundation’s ChatGPT, a conversational AI system that can respond to follow-up queries, acknowledge mistakes, refute false assumptions, and reject unsuitable requests. Poems, essays, scripts, and text translations or summaries can all be written by the AI system

The AI can be used as an alternative for Google Search because it has been trained using a huge sample of words from the internet. It can provide explanations, answers, and solutions to hard inquiries as well as different approaches to coding, layout issues, and optimization problems. Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to generate content for websites, respond to consumer inquiries, make suggestions, and develop automated chatbots.

Sam Altman, a technology venture entrepreneur and one of the foundation’s investors, claims that this was “an early demo of what’s possible. Soon you will be able to have helpful assistants that talk to you, answer questions, and give advice. Later you can have something that goes off and does tasks for you. Eventually you can have something that goes off and discovers new knowledge for you.”

Varun Mayya, CEO of software building company Avalon Labs told Global News, “ChatGPT seems like a human being. It’s just like a human being except it has all the world’s knowledge.”

If the adoption of ChatGPT spreads, experts believe that a system like this will make many content generating careers—like journalism—obsolete. The chatbot currently lacks the complexity, critical-thinking abilities, and ethical decision-making capacity that are thought to be essential for journalism. The technology frequently generates inaccurate and illogical replies and presents them as facts, the corporation has also acknowledged.

The programme can currently be accessed and tested out here for free.