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Charsi Tikka Peshawar Owner Arrested for Kissing Foreign Tourist

Charsi Tikka Peshawar Owner Arrested for Kissing Foreign Tourist

Nisar Khan, famously known as ‘Charsi,’ who owns the renowned Charsi Tikka restaurant in Namakmandi, Peshawar, has been arrested on charges of engaging in inappropriate conduct with foreign tourists. This incident came to public attention when images related to the alleged misconduct circulated widely on social media platforms, provoking public outrage.

According to sources, as soon as the disturbing images were discovered, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) swiftly ordered immediate legal action. Subsequently, a case was filed against Nisar Khan in Peshawar under section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code, based on allegations of indecent behavior towards foreign tourists staying at a local hotel.

This is not the first time Nisar Khan has faced accusations of inappropriate behavior towards tourists, especially those from abroad. Previous discussions on social media have revolved around his actions, which were considered non-consensual.

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In response to this incident, public outrage has been evident on various social media platforms. Many users expressed their anger on Facebook, with some tagging the Capital City Police Officer to demand justice. One comment expressed sorrow over the impact of such behavior on the reputation of Peshawar’s residents, while another appreciated the authorities for taking action and apprehending Nisar Khan.