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Canva launches new developer tools and a $50 million investment fund.


Canva has been operating since 2013, and it has been a huge success, raising over $570 million and gaining 135 million users along the way. With that type of traction, it makes a lot of sense to let developers tap into that user base and benefit from the company’s previous work.

Canva revealed a new SDK, more sophisticated APIs, and a $50 million fund to help support some of the greatest ideas today at the first Canva Extend developer conference in San Francisco.

Cameron Adams, the company’s co-founder and chief product officer, says they’re doing the developer-focused event because it’s a very fresh chapter in what developers will be able to do with Canva.

To begin, the company will provide a software development kit (SDK), which Adams describes as “one of the slickest experiences I’ve had developing on a platform.” “It’s very polished; the team did an incredible job on it,” he told TechCrunch. Companies may now build applications on top of the Canva platform.

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A number of new APIs have also been introduced. “Previously, you could build on top of Canva, but new APIs have completely unlocked our platform.” As a result, any developer may now begin developing an app that allows him or her to actually connect with other people’s work. “They can now add text elements, image elements, video elements, and create their own shapes and illustrations that end up in other people’s designs,” Adams explained.

He emphasises that it not only benefits from access to Canva technology, but it also offers developers access to the whole Canva user base.”There are 135 million people awaiting their app, which is an incredible growth channel for them.” And it’s a fantastic chance for people to begin interacting with really rich data-rich experiences and become a part of the design ecosystem.”

Furthermore, the business launched an app marketplace to distribute apps built on top of the platform, as well as a $50 million fund to help launch some of the more promising ideas. “As we see that people can build really viable businesses on the Canva platform, we’re launching a $50 million fund that we’ll use to invest in app developers at all levels,” he said.

The goal is to assist a wide spectrum of initiatives, from those that are just getting started to those who are enjoying spectacular development on the platform. “We can use that fund to fuel their growth, help them out, and ultimately help them grow to a massive size as well,” he explained.

The company has been working with developers on the beta for the past nine months and has a waiting of over 10,000 people, but they won’t have to wait much longer because the developer tools are now generally available.