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Bank Alfalah intends to enhance financial inclusion for rural women.

Bank Alfalah women empowerment

One of Pakistan’s biggest commercial banks, Bank Alfalah, has teamed up with the non-profit Indus Earth Trust (IET) to host a number of financial education sessions for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) participants. The sessions’ objectives are to increase financial literacy and encourage simple access to services in order to improve the lives of rural women.

Over 1000 women from various districts of Karachi and Thar attended 40 workshops that were successfully completed thanks to the collaboration between Bank Alfalah and Indus Earth Trust (IET). Managing household finances, various saving strategies, investment choices, an introduction to microfinance, the importance of having a bank account, and the benefits of various insurance policies were the main topics of these seminars. As a result, more than 200 women registered for wallet accounts and Asaan women’s digital accounts, giving them access to a variety of advantages like simple withdrawal, quick savings, and investing accessibility.

Mehreen Ahmed, Group Head of Retail Banking Group, commented on the significance of financial inclusion for women by saying, “Improving financial literacy is crucial for women as it has the potential to considerably boost their autonomy and general wellbeing. I am happy with our collaboration with Indus Earth Trust since it helps women enter the workforce and make wise decisions for their family and themselves. Bank Alfalah is an ardent supporter of financial literacy as a means of empowering women and eradicating traditional gender barriers.

“Bank Alfalah supports Indus Earth Trust for financial literacy training for the rural women folk of district Thatta and Karachi Slums,” said Aijaz Abro, Chief Operating Officer of Indus Earth Trust, in response to this relationship. When creating a training programme to prepare rural women for digital banking and mobile accounts, the specific challenges they face were taken into consideration.