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Black Day, Pakistan Mourns APS Peshawar Attack Victims On 9th Anniversary

Black Day, Pakistan Mourns APS Peshawar Attack Victims On 9th Anniversary

Pakistan, a nation grappling with a renewed wave of terrorism, solemnly commemorates the victims of its most devastating militant attack on the ninth anniversary of the APS Peshawar tragedy. The painful memory of this event, where the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) violently stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar, remains vivid in the nation’s collective heart.

Nine years ago, on December 16, 2014, TTP assailants launched a brutal attack on the school, resulting in the martyrdom of over 150 individuals, including 132 school students. The magnitude of this tragedy sent shockwaves of shock, outrage, anger, and profound sorrow not only through Pakistan but also reverberated globally.

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To commemorate this somber occasion, various events have been planned to pay tribute to the students, teachers, and staff members who lost their lives or were injured during the horrific incident. The resilience of the bereaved families and the nation’s commitment to eradicating militancy are emphasized as Pakistan reflects on the profound impact of the APS attack.

Despite the assailants’ intentions to undermine Islamabad’s resolve against terrorism, Pakistan’s armed forces and its people stand stronger and more resolute in their determination to eliminate this menace. The investigation reports even suggested the involvement of Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies aiming to target Pakistan’s Armed Forces’ sacrifices and successes in the ongoing war on terror operations.

In response to the APS attack, Pakistan established military courts that sentenced over 310 terrorists to death, with numerous executions carried out to date. The APS tragedy remains a poignant chapter in Pakistan’s history, symbolizing both the resilience of the nation and its unwavering commitment to counteract terrorism.