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Australia withdraws from the Afghan cricket series due to Taliban’s suppression over women

Australia withdraws from the Afghan cricket series due to Taliban's suppression over women
Australia said on Thursday that it would not participate in a scheduled one-day series against Afghanistan in the United Arab Emirates due to Taliban efforts to severely curtail women’s rights.

Following a tour of India, the men’s squad was scheduled to play three games against their Afghan counterparts as part of the ICC Super League in March. However, Cricket Australia said that it will not go further after discussions with interested parties, including the Australian government.

It issued a statement saying, “This decision comes in response to the Taliban’s recent declaration of more limitations on women’s and girls’ access to parks and gyms, as well as their prospects for employment and education.

“CA is dedicated to promoting the expansion of the game for both men and women worldwide, especially in Afghanistan. It continued, thanking Canberra for its support, ” We will continue to interact with the Afghanistan Cricket Board in expectation of improving conditions for women and girls in the nation.”

For the series, Australia will give up 30 competition points that count toward World Cup qualification. However, they have already qualified automatically for the 50-over competition in India in October. Midway through 2021, the Taliban took back power in the Asian country, and they quickly imposed limitations on female athletes.

Women were recently informed that they could no longer work in the assistance industry in Afghanistan. In addition, women have been forced out of various government positions, forbidden from travelling alone, and told to dress modestly outside the home, preferably with a burqa.