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Nabeel Qureshi, Hira, and Mani attacked by armed men during shoot, crew badly injured

Nabeel Qureshi, Hira, and Mani attacked by armed men during shoot, crew badly injured

On Monday, filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi posted on Twitter that his cast and crew had been “attacked by a mob” when they were filming in Karachi. Several juvenile artists and actors, including Hira Mani, Salman Saquib Sheikh (Mani), Gul-e-Rana, were also there when the incident occurred.

The director of Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad added that the armed men forced their way into the home where they were filming and harassed women while looting their equipment before fleeing the scene. “We have been attacked by a mob in PIB Colony, Jamshed Quarter Martin Road during the shoot,” Nabeel wrote on Twitter. “They got into the house we were shooting a hundred people. They harrases women/actresses. [The mob] beat the sh*t out of the crew, stole mobiles, equipment.”

The filmmaker, who was writing about the incident while he was at a police station, continued, “They launched an attack while we were seated here in the PIB police station. Sincerely, this has never occurred in Karachi. They had guns, and they snatched wallets and mobile devices. They raise their hands, showing that they didn’t care about women.”

The celebrated director hopes the authorities will take prompt action against the culprits. “We want Sindh Police and Sindh Rangers to take strict action against these people, to make an example out of it,” he said, hoping his peers would stand with him in this trying time. “I request my fraternity – all the actors, producers to make sure that this shouldn’t happen again to any of us.”

Hira, too, took to Instagram and shared the traumatic incident. “It was a very unfortunate event to witness today and I wish and pray no one face that ever in their life,” the Kashf star penned. Adding on, Hira wrote, “I want to thank my team members who fought till the last with the culprits to save us and are in very bad condition in the hospital right now. Please take a moment to pray for their speedy recovery.”