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Another PIA Flight Attendant Absconds In Canada

Another PIA Flight Attendant Absconds In Canada

In a recent incident, another flight steward from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) absconded in Canada upon the arrival of the Pakistani flag carrier’s flight in Toronto. The crew member, identified as Maryam Raza, disappeared while the flight crew was on duty traveling from Islamabad to Toronto, specifically on PIA flight PK 782.

Maryam Raza’s act of slipping away in Canada is part of a trend observed in recent years, where PIA employees have gone missing in various countries, including Canada, exploiting asylum policies. Upon landing at Toronto airport, she went missing in the country’s largest city, raising concerns within the airline.

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Notably, the daring act involved Maryam Raza leaving a note on her uniform expressing gratitude to PIA, stating ‘Shukria PIA’ [Thank You PIA]. She was originally assigned to perform her duties on PIA flight PK 784, which was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Karachi.

The increasing instances of PIA crew members fleeing to developed countries, particularly in Europe and North America, highlight the challenging circumstances faced by individuals in their homeland due to political uncertainty and economic crises. The trend poses not only operational challenges for PIA but also underscores broader issues affecting the workforce as they seek better opportunities and refuge in more stable and prosperous nations.