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Amir Expresses Gratitude To CM Maryam Nawaz

Amir Expresses Gratitude To CM Maryam Nawaz

The ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 9 continues to deliver action-packed matches and entertainment, but recent headlines were made by an incident involving the families of Quetta Gladiators members, including cricketer Mohammad Amir.

During a match at Multan Cricket Stadium, family members of Amir and other Gladiators members, such as Moin Khan, were forcibly removed from the VIP box. Amir took to social media to share his dissatisfaction, accusing the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Multan of mistreating his family and others in the stadium. He claimed that the DC and other officials instructed authorities to eject families from VIP boxes without valid justification.

In response to Amir’s tweet, newly elected Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz intervened to address the situation. Following this, Amir expressed his gratitude, stating, “All misunderstandings have been cleared by the Deputy Commissioner Multan himself. I sincerely appreciate it and extend my best wishes to you as you embark on your new journey.”

The incident sparked condemnation from various cricketers, as well as players and management of Quetta Gladiators, who demanded action from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) against such inappropriate behavior.

The involvement of the Chief Minister in resolving the matter reflects the significance of addressing concerns related to the mistreatment of players’ families during PSL matches. The incident highlights the need for better management and coordination at cricket venues to ensure a positive and respectful environment for both players and their families.