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Ambassador Verifies Killing Of Nine Pakistanis In Iran

Ambassador Verifies Killing Of Nine Pakistanis In Iran

In the central district of Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran, a tragic incident unfolded as nine Pakistani laborers fell victim to a brutal attack in Saravan. Reports indicate that terrorists targeted the individuals within the confines of the house they inhabited in Iran, perpetrating the heinous act. Distraught and mourning, the families of the deceased have reached out to the Pakistani government, seeking assistance in the repatriation of the bodies of their loved ones.

The confirmation of this horrifying event came from Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran, Mudassir, who expressed deep shock over the tragedy. Taking to social media, the ambassador issued a statement, stating, “Deeply shocked by the horrifying killing of 9 Pakistanis in Saravan.” In the wake of this devastating incident, the embassy pledged unwavering support to the grieving families. Furthermore, Counsel Zahidan has been dispatched to the scene of the incident and the hospital where those injured are currently undergoing treatment.

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In a call for cooperation during this difficult time, the ambassador urged Iran to extend their full support and collaboration in addressing the aftermath of this tragedy. The plea for solidarity between the two nations comes on the heels of recent tensions, marked by the return of ambassadors to their respective embassies just one day prior to this regrettable incident.

The loss of these Pakistani nationals casts a somber shadow, emphasizing the need for diplomatic efforts to ensure justice and assistance for the affected families. As the sorrowful event unfolds, the global community watches closely, hoping for swift action and resolution to bring solace to those left mourning the untimely and tragic demise of their loved ones.