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Ali Zafar May Sing HBL PSL 9 Anthem

Ali Zafar May Sing HBL PSL 9 Anthem

Renowned singer Ali Zafar, absent from Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthems for five years, may stage a comeback as the dynamics change post Zaka Ashraf’s exit, who had previously opposed Zafar’s involvement.

Zafar, known for his contributions to the first three PSL seasons, faced a setback in 2018 when harassment allegations surfaced, leading to his exclusion from subsequent PSL editions. The accusations, made by fellow singer Meesha Shafi, cast a lingering shadow on his career, despite never being formally proven.

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In a surprising turn of events, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recorded three songs featuring Zafar for PSL 9. However, a female representative from PSL franchises expressed concerns, prompting the board to reconsider Zafar’s participation.

With Zaka Ashraf no longer in charge, the landscape appears to be changing. The current authorities, recognizing the absence of any formal conviction against Zafar, are considering offering him another chance.

The final decision on whether Ali Zafar will lend his voice to PSL 9 remains uncertain at this juncture. The evolving situation raises questions about the intersection of controversies, artistic contributions, and decision-making within the PSL framework. As the PSL anthem selection unfolds, the potential return of Ali Zafar adds an element of anticipation and curiosity to the upcoming season.