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Afghanistan’s Naveen ul Haq Banned by ILT20

Afghanistan's Naveen ul Haq Banned by ILT20

Afghanistan’s fast bowler, Naveen-ul-Haq, has received a 20-month suspension from the International League T20 (ILT20) organizers for violating their code of conduct.

Reports indicate that Naveen was offered an extension for another year with the Warriors, but he declined to sign the retention notice for season 2. This refusal led to a breach of his contract with Sharjah Warriors.

Having played in season 1 of the ILT20 in the January-February 2023 window as a player for Sharjah Warriors, Naveen’s team issued a retention notice earlier this year, following the terms and conditions in the Player Agreement. Faced with a contractual dispute, Sharjah Warriors sought the ILT20’s intervention to address the issue.

Initially, the ILT20 opted for a mediation process facilitated by an impartial third-party mediator. Unfortunately, this mediation failed to resolve the dispute.

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Subsequently, the ILT20 convened its three-member Disciplinary Committee, consisting of the league’s Chief Executive Officer, David White, the Head of Security and Anti-Corruption, Col. Azam, and Zayed Abbas, a Member of the Emirates Cricket Board.

The committee conducted separate hearings for both Naveen and Sharjah Warriors. After a thorough examination of the arguments presented by both parties and a comprehensive review of the available evidence, the ILT20 Disciplinary Committee reached a final decision, imposing a 20-month ban on Naveen as a result of the disciplinary proceedings.