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Abu Dhabi Police Sternly Warns Against Sunroof Misuse

Abu Dhabi Police Sternly Warns Against Sunroof Misuse

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a strong caution to drivers, emphasizing the severe consequences for passengers engaging in hazardous activities such as hanging out of windows or protruding their heads or bodies through sunroofs. The warning underscores the potential risks associated with such behavior and emphasizes the importance of strict adherence to safety regulations.

The police authorities utilized social media platforms to communicate this message, alerting motorists to the perilous nature of these acts and urging compliance with safety protocols. Violators caught participating in such activities will be subject to substantial penalties.

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Individuals found in violation may face a substantial fine of Dh2,000, coupled with the confiscation of their vehicle for a duration of 60 days. Additionally, 23 traffic points will be levied against the offender. The gravity of these consequences serves as a deterrent against reckless behavior that not only endangers the lives of those within the vehicle but also poses a significant threat to other road users.

In a proactive move, the Abu Dhabi Police are employing social media as a platform to promote awareness and discourage unsafe practices on the road. By emphasizing the potential legal repercussions, they seek to instill a sense of responsibility among drivers and passengers alike.

This warning follows a recent incident highlighted by the Dubai Police, where a video depicted children precariously sitting on the roofs of moving cars and hanging out of windows. Alongside the release of the alarming footage, the Dubai Police communicated that owners of impounded vehicles engaged in such activities would be required to pay an additional fine of Dh50,000 for the release of their seized vehicles.

These measures reflect a commitment by law enforcement agencies in the region to prioritize road safety and curb hazardous behaviors that compromise the well-being of individuals on the road. By combining legal penalties with public awareness campaigns, authorities aim to create a safer road environment and discourage actions that jeopardize lives and violate traffic regulations.