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2,322 fine tickets issued over traffic rules violations during the last 24 hours

Islamabad Capital Police have expedited legal action against traffic rules violators and issued 2,322 fine tickets to road users over violation of traffic rules during the last 24 hours.

According to police, various police teams issued 2,322 fine tickets to road users over violation of traffic rules. A total of 189 fine tickets were issued over lane violations, 73 for red-signal violations, 96 over using a mobile phone while driving, four for amateur driving, 79 over violation of one-way, 17 for violation of zebra crossing, four vehicles for having pressure horns, 58 for having tinted glasses, eight for emitting smoke, 134 for having fancy number plates, 355 bikers for riding without helmets and 246 motorists for violations of different traffic rules.

Chief Traffic officer Syed Mustafa Tanveer said that strict action would be taken against traffic rules violators. He said that Islamabad capital police personnel have been directed to ensure the implementation of traffic rules irrespective of status and rank and demonstrate patience while issuing traffic violation tickets to the road users.

He further said that Islamabad capital police were utilizing all available resources to facilitate the general public. The personnel of the force issue traffic violation tickets not as a punitive measure but the purpose was to ensure a safe road environment in the capital and secure the lives of people, he maintained