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Mike Hesson Explains Selection Of Shah Brothers In Islamabad United

Mike Hesson Explains Selection Of Shah Brothers In Islamabad United

The inclusion of the Shah brothers in Islamabad United’s roster for the upcoming ninth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was strategically decided, as explained by the team’s head coach, Mike Hesson. Hesson clarified that the decision to select all three brothers—Naseem Shah, Hunain Shah, and Ubaid Shah—was primarily based on their cricketing skills.

In a recent interview with a local sports website, Hesson emphasized that the selection process focused on the players’ abilities rather than familial connections. He acknowledged Naseem Shah’s desire for his brothers to establish their own paths but highlighted that, from the team’s perspective, it was purely a cricketing decision.

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Regarding Hunain Shah, Hesson expressed confidence in his skills, particularly in performing well during the middle and final stages of the game. He explained that they believed Hunain was ready to join the playing team if required, citing his impressive performances in domestic games and the National T20 Cup. Notably, Hesson commended Hunain’s proficiency in bowling during the critical phases of the game.

Despite the strategic cricketing decisions, Hesson acknowledged the humor in having all three brothers in the team and expressed excitement about the unique strengths each sibling brings. The trio, consisting of the talented fast bowler Naseem Shah and his brothers, is set to represent Islamabad United in the upcoming PSL season.

Islamabad United, a franchise that has secured the PSL title in both 2016 and 2018, is anticipated to remain a formidable contender in the upcoming season. The excitement is building as PSL 9 is scheduled to commence on February 17 in Lahore, with the opening match featuring Islamabad United against Lahore Qalandars, promising an exhilarating start to the league.