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khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Pakistan

Diversion system to be repaired by Nov.

Mohmand dam to be repair.

LAHORE: The Mohmand dam’s diversion system is expected to be finished in November of this year, and the project as a whole is anticipated to be finished in 2026.

Wednesday saw Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) Chairman Sajjad Ghani pay a visit to the Mohmand dam project, which is still under development. During his tour, Ghani evaluated the status of the construction work being done at all 11 sites of the projects.

Later, representatives of the Mohmand dam project updated the chairman on the damage brought on by the disastrous floods and said that by December of last year, the majority of the damage to the diversion system had been fixed. At this time, they claimed, all 11 sites were actively engaged in building.

The project is expected to generate benefits worth $51.6 billion annually. For Confidence Building Measures (CBM) in the project region and the socioeconomic advancement of the locals, a sum of Rs4.5 billion has been set aside.