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Islamabad Pakistan

Markets and wedding venues will close early as the government accepts an energy-saving scheme.

Markets and wedding venues will close early as the government accepts an energy-saving scheme.

According to the defence minister, the new energy plan will save millions of rupees.

ISLAMABAD: The current administration’s plan to save energy and lower national consumption was unveiled on Tuesday by Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif. The federal cabinet meeting, chaired over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, resolved to close markets at 8:30 p.m. and wedding venues at 10 p.m., the minister said during a press conference. “This policy will save us Rs60 billion,” Asif maintained.

The defence minister furthered that the production of fans run on electricity will be stopped by July. He stated that inefficient fans use around 120-130 watts of electricity, and globally fans consuming less energy were available. He added that the import duty on “inefficient” fans would be increased.

Asif also disclosed that incandescent bulbs won’t be produced after February 1 and that those that were imported will be subject to higher taxes. He said that the plan might help save an additional Rs22 billion.

In today’s cabinet meeting, there were no lights on. He stated, setting a good example for the nation by stating that the meeting was held in broad daylight. He said that the federal cabinet intended to save Rs62 billion by reducing the amount of electricity utilised by government agencies by 30%. The cabinet also determined that only 50 percent of the country’s street lights would be kept on.

While many nations were already operating under such principles, Asif pointed out that Pakistan’s marketplaces and offices remained open until into midnight. The minister opposed stores opening at 12 or one o’clock in the afternoon and insisted that the country should maximise the use of natural light in residences.